COVID-19 Guidelines

Limited appointments on site

  • You will use your car rather than riding in ours
  • 6′ distancing on the property
  • we will wear masks
  • Hand sanitizer on site
  • Bring your own pen if you like, or take one of ours

Our clients are family

  • Let us know if there is any other way we can make you feel safe
  • Our thoughts are with everyone who experienced loss during this pandemic

With Exposure + With Symptoms:

  • If young (<60 years old), with no other illnesses and mild symptoms: Conduct home quarantine.
  • If elderly (>60 years old), with other illnesses and/or severe symptoms: Proceed to the Emergency Room for assessment.

With Exposure + No Symptoms:

  • Conduct home quarantine for 14 days and monitor symptoms.
  • Should symptoms start to develop, proceed to the Emergency Room for assessment.

No Exposure + With Symptoms:

  • Manage symptoms accordingly. Proceed to the Emergency Room for assessment.


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