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Masuk US LLC is a recognized multinational company that provides various services. We are one of the leading companies that encourage small businesses with our eCommerce, Export-Import and promoting brands. We back initiatives that influence societies and provide resolutions to some of the global immense challenges.

We formed as a startup company a few years back in 2010 in Staten Island, NY, and our aim is to continue providing our excellent services in different sectors such as reselling products, promoting brands, settling eCommerce business, and supporting export and import. Our powerful moral culture to trade the right path provides us with the spirit to expand our company worldwide.


We are one of the leading and fast-growing companies in the eCommerce sector. We aim to deliver the best and we kept it simple. We’re successfully operating several eCommerce companies in several countries. We’ve got the largest supply chain for our company stated to Health Product Sales to deliver the best possible goods for you. There are several top brands collaborating with the company Masuk US LLC. to promote and resell their items by us. We provide a secured payment system and fast & reliable shipping for shopping with confidence.



Along with the eCommerce business, we also support entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with our borderless export and import facility. We care about small businesses and our initiatives support emerging entrepreneurs by facilitating exporting and importing. We’re currently providing a facility to export and import from the USA to any country. We’re working with some of the renowned international cargo and freight company that provides door-to-door services. We also provide international payment support, customs clearance, warehouse service, product sourcing, and so on. To run your business smoothly and borderless, Masuk US LLC. is the perfect solution that you’re looking for.

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Address: 3261 Richmond Ave #311 Staten Island, NY 10312

Email: [email protected]

Call: +1 516-596-5267

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